About D&A

D&A Investment Banking

The Investment Banking Group focuses on identifying and financing emerging growth companies as they expand and develop into tomorrow’s market leaders. D&A provides emerging growth companies with ready access to the capital markets and a wide variety of financial advisory services. By focusing exclusively on emerging growth companies, D&A has developed an unparalleled understanding of these companies, their entrepreneurial managers and their highly specialized financing needs.

The Investment Banking Group features:

  • Investment banking services including Merchant Banking & Capital Markets, Project Financing, Corporate Advisory Services, Business Consulting and Private Equity
  • Client focus that is characterized by long-term relationships and a history of advising clients on multiple transactions
  • Domain expertise in Business Services, Energy & Industrials, Technology & Media, IT / SW, Hospitality Business
  • One of the key concepts is our Corporate Directors whose profile can be seen on the profile page

Download our Corporate Profile for information on our total clientele base.