Corporate Advisory

Project Funding

D&A Project Financing Division, a subsidiary of D&A FSPL, is able to raise substantial amounts of funding for both business start-up ventures and development through the investment market.

We are an organisation comprising of entrepreneurial and professional individuals with considerable experience in the very real world of the investment market who have been involved in either owning or investing in businesses and have experienced both the highs and critical lows, bringing imperative experiences to the table. This mix provides a solid backdrop of knowledge and experience to assist and facilitate your organisation in raising the capital it requires whilst avoiding what may be some of the downsides or potential hazardous risks.

We can quickly turn a fund raising proposal into a reality and obtain that much needed capital. We are strong believers in quality over quantity and would only proceed with a proposal on the basis that we are confident we can perform and produce the funding structure required within reasonable timescales. Whilst there are no guarantees, every effort will be made to raise your required capital.